RBDHB – Batman: Mad Love

RBDHB – Batman: Mad Love

Today we go from shift from Joker to his hard-working, unappreciated (from him) sweetheart, Harley Quinn right from the source. Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s Mad Love.

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Zone 4 #277: Headline Edition

The crew returns with a Headline Edition of the show.

This week, it’s Brant, John, and Chris.

It’s all about the headlines this episode, from Superman symbols, to Arrow casting, to Harley Queen at Comic-Con, to Image Expo and more.

There’s also an audio spot from Comic Geek Speak about a very special run they are doing to raise money for Livestrong in honor of one of their own.

And we close out the show with announcements.

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This Week’s Links and Topics

Comic Timing – Episode 157: Comic Catch-Up!


It’s been a few weeks since Brent and Ian got to talk, so they rectify that in this two-man episode! Brent gives his opinion on the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie as well as Transformers: Age of Extinction, while Ian weighs in on Edge of Tomorrow. They also discuss some stuff about the upcoming Flash CW show and what we can expect from DC’s movie slate. And hey, actual comic talk! Batman Eternal, Futures End, New Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Sex Criminals, SEX, and a few other books are on the docket. Finally, they touch on New York Comic Con’s quick sellout of tickets, and what that might mean for the future of comic book conventions. Give it a listen!

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Longbox Review Episode 70: Forever Evil Wrap-Up

Travis (oddfellowsthoughts) and I discuss Forever Evil #4-7, some related Justice League issues, and our thoughts on the current state of the DC universe.

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Wayne’s Comics #135 With Chuck Dixon From ‘Alien Legion’

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Chuck Dixon, Winterworld, Alien Legion, Carl Potts, Titan Comics, Bad Times,

Chuck Dixon is back, and is as busy as ever! We discuss Alien Legion Uncivil War #1 from Titan Comics, including how this series came to be and that it may be the first release from this UK company here in the U.S. Then we delve into Winterworld #1, an ongoing IDW title based on a miniseries developed years ago he’s now bringing back to life.

Everything is wrapped up by our focusing on Bad Times, his series of novels about time-travelling soldiers! Don’t miss it!


Comic Book Savant Episode 203: Comics Talk: Where Are Comics Going On The Big and Large Screen


This week I want to take a look at how the comic industry is handling adapting there content to television and film. The amount of content is only increasing so I wanted to examine how they are doing so far and what can we expect with the upcoming and future offerings. Enjoy!


Feed It Comics #41 | Giant Sized Juan Thing

 giant sized juan thing

Ok, so it’s really not THAT long of an episode, but it is giant in the sense that Juan Daeho of Super Podcasto fame has returned and for many of our listeners that is kind of a big deal, if not entirely predictable.

Juan proudly stands in for Shepherd – who is off cramming for yet more medical school exams –  and we cover a swath of topics, from DC integrating television characters into their movies; how amazing MST3K is and conversely how WRONG Juan is when he says they are overrated; Doc’s campaign against Michael Bay, David Finch being slapped on to Wonder Woman; Alan Davis and Savage Hulks, and twirly mustaches.

Thanks for listening!

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X-Men: First Class (movie)

John Mayo and Kay Kellam have a spoilers filled discussion about the X-Men: First Class movie.

Time Codes:
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:36 Spoiler filled discussion
1:00:52 Wrap up
1:01:22 End of episode.

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The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #172-”Jim Gordon is not a Buffy fan-He likes Lee Marvin and Scotch Whiskey”


There’s a little video game recrimination at The Mean Geek. We have a lot of padding here cause it’s DC Week, Starting with the now-cancelled Superman Unchained 6. Dark Knight 29, with the you have no evidence cliche from The Evil Guy That’s Evil guy. We diverge into 80s Secret Origins topics. Hit Detective 29 where he was all fakin and stuff. Diverge some more into Tick comparisons to The Tick. We then detour into the debate of money making versus quality. We finally get to the drawn out, over convoluted Batman 29. As that’s enough DCU, we go and integrate the Vertigo books from here out. We start with THE ROYALS: MASTERS OF WAR. The Wake 6. Brother Lono. Unwritten: Apocalypse 2-The group gets Tommy back and talks their way out of murder by Renaissance Rakes. Astro City 9, cameo-ing Confessor and an inspirational character that bolsters Winged Victory’s resolve.

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 7/9/14

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 7/9/14

With all the Batman books, I wonder if each family member tackles each storyline one day at a time, like business meetings.

Monday – Try to get Gordon out of jail,
Tuesday – Deal with the Icarus issue.
Wednesday: Brood.
Et cetera.

This week we review:
Superman/Wonder Woman # 10
Spider-Man 2099 # 1
Grayson # 1
Detective Comics # 33
100th Anniversary Special Spider-Man # 1
Deadpool # 31
Daredevil # 5
Justice League United # 3
Batgirl # 33
Batman Eternal # 14

This week’s Short Stacks-
Justice League United # 3:

Daredevil # 5

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Radio Free Asgard 156


Ever wonder what goes on in a Celestial’s head? Thor finds out, in Thor #388! There’s bat-tentacly-things and thin, fleshy membranes! The return of George Roussos! What more could you ask for?

Pop Media Savant Episode 128: TV Talk: Game Of Thrones


This week I wanted to talk about one of my favorite shows Game Of Thrones. I talk to friends all the time about what shows would be good to binge watch and Game Of Thrones always come up in the conversation. So I thought it would be nice to do an new viewer guide to the world of Game Of Thrones. We will give you all the basics you need to fully enjoy your journey through the world of Westros. Enjoy!


Close the Door – Episode 104 Poop Patrol Edition

ctd logo


This week we talk about a lot of not comic related stuff before getting into the issues

some talk abotu transformers and more generally what makes a movie good
And then Some Talk about the DC weeklies

Twitter: @ctdPodcast

E-mail: closethedoorpodcast@gmail.com

close the door homer

View from the Gutters #75 — Universe X


This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is Universe X, by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross, with art by Dougie Braithwaite and Bill Reinhold. The sequel to Earth X (which we discussed previously), Universe X takes the next step forward in plumbing the depths of the Marvel Universe, past, present, and alternate.

Created by the same team as the previous series, Universe X could, perhaps, be thought of an anti-Crisis on Infinite Earths. Rather than tear its universe apart at the seams in order to start fresh, Universe X seeks to bind together all of the loose cloth of the Marvel U, binding it together into a single cohesive quilt. It is at times ponderously slow and inscrutably dense in its pondering of the many hows and whys that have piled from over (at the time) 40 years of continuity. However, for the right reader it is a deeply engrossing work with many rewards for a close reading.

In our recommendation section our hosts nominated Paradise X; Formerly Known as the Justice League; Journey into Mystery featuring Sif; Hellboy Vol. 1 & 2; and Lazarus #1-9 for discussion on the next episode, and our selected title is Hellboy, Seed of Destruction and Wake the Devil (collected together in Hellboy Library Edition, Vol. 1).

We invite you to discuss both this episode and its topic on our subreddit.

Our hosts for this episode are Andrew Chard, Tobiah Panshin, Joe Preti, Brant Gillihan-Eddy, and Cade Reynolds.

The Undecideables Oddcast: Was it One of the Dirty Ones?



This week the Undecideables discuss Sex Criminals as well as all the newest comic and sci fi news and nonsense, enjoy!!