Ultimate Facepalm Episode 76: Ben Affleck as Batman, Pepsi flavored Cheetos and Idris Elba screams “The Warriors shot Cyrus!”




It’s G Money’s Birthday so don’t expect anything to make any sense (even less so than usual)

Enough faffing about, let’s get to it!


Miley Cyrus at the MVAs – Lose your mind or J.J. Dillon

Ben Affleck as Batman; Amazing and horrifying internet response

Give me $9.2 million and we’ll lose or gain as much weight as you’d like!


UFP Crew Questions

-          Riff Raff for Australian Prime Minister

-          Pepsi-flavored Cheetos: The world is officially on the decline

-          Comic book recommendations

-          Our thoughts on current Pro-wrestling promotions

-          Neil Armstrong: R.I.P.

-          You too can now SMELL like an Avenger (maybe)


Nerd News!

-          Bryan Cranston (more than likely) cast as Lex Luthor for a 6 movie deal

-          Justice League of America/Trinity War will make the internet explode

-          Justice League of Canada…..?

-          Lobo’s new origin/look is ‘hot garbage’

-          James Robinson on two unnamed Marvel ongoing titles

-          Mike Del Mundo on Superior Spider Man team up

-          Christopher Eccelston teases a Dr Who return in the 50th anniversary episode

-          New trailer for Jackass’ ‘Bad Grandpa’

-          Sega Australia’s attempt at re-releasing classic Sega titles

-          American Horror Story: Coven release date and new teaser trailer

-          Killer is Dead review

-          Saints Row 4 review