Liberace IS Hank Pym, FOX’s Gotham High and we officially apologize for Neknominate



No “H” on our foreheads as we are not hard-light holograms… or are we???

What a terrible lead-in! This surely is a great omen for the upcoming show!
Let’s get to it!



Alan Davies heckling of G Money


Much love to our geek-podcast brethren and just WHO IS the flagship show of the Rhymes With Geek podcast network???


G Money to start his own Twitter! And has his own comics column in an actual magazine! Will wonders never cease!?


Check out @the_ironsheik on Twitter for the best laugh in a long time


Waluigi was NOT recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame


Talk topics and questions!

-          Is Hank Pym too old? Why does Juan Daeho sound like a housewife from Brooklyn?

-          If you see ‘Lone Survivor’ you will be shot! (if you text in front of an insane man in Florida)

-          Dan Slott readies the return of Peter Parker

-          How long will it take for Marvel to become dicks and lose their integrity

-          Fox’s new Gotham origins series; “Gotham High”

-          A bit love from our UFP Crew

-          Do we rate Game of Thrones?

-          Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange?

-          Do we prefer PC or Mac?




-          Gabourey Sidibe trolls the trolls

-          David O Russell’s interview faux pas

-          Irish man’s seven week erection

-          We officially apologize for Neknominate




-          Magic the Gathering film

-          Bill Paxton joins Agents of SHIELD and Stan Lee to cameo

-          DC launches Secret Origins

-          Intelligence TV series

-          True Detective and Helix TV Series

-          Season 3 finale of Sherlock

-          Jesse Plemons in cast in the new Star Wars films

-          PS3 Vs PS4 analysis via Tomb Raider

-          The Last of Us wins IGNs 2013 Game of the Year and their new single-player DLC campaign

-          The Dark Horse Buffy re-launch