Mr Peabody and Sherman movie review, The Incredibles 2 and Ronan Keating is… BATMAN!

Well so much for being quiet and low-key as per a very small part of our intro! Here’s the show!   “Kate Winslet’s Bear Blaze” isn’t the name of some awesome chronic Casey Donovan’s fake boyfriend Secrets and Lies continues it’s descent into televisual obscurity PROTIP: Ronan Keating has never played Batman in the films […]

Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 72: A Review of Six New Comic Book Titles

Comics for Kids with Backhoes This week Gene and Derek take a look at six new titles. They begin with a discussion of two new works from Image Comics, the first three issues of Alex + Ada (Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn) and Deadly Class #1 (Rick Remender and Wes Craig). They go into depth on both titles, especially […]

Feed It Comics #22 – “A Little Closer To Armageddon…”

I’m not gonna lie, this episode will throw you for a loop. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly and then – as if the ringing in of the new year was a dinner bell for demons – the show was split in twine by unforeseen events! What the hell is Doc Fluxx babbling about? Well […]

Feed It Comics #20 | “The Deadly Foes of Supermen”

Episode 20! Can you believe it folks? What do we got for you this time, you ask? Well Professor Ryefleur and Doc Fluxx are gonna chew that fat about this and that! You dig? We talk Gal Godot, and other DC movie and television tomfoolery. We talk A Smidge about how Bryan Singer plans to […]

Feed It Comics #19 – ‘Emotionally Subnormal’ | A Scent by Alan Moore

This episode is the official introduction of a new member of our mysterious and blessed cult, Brother “The Riff” RyeFluer. Feed It Comics has thus become the flagship podcast of the Rhymes With Geek podcast network Bwahahaha Bwahahaaha Bwhahahahaaaa!!! Our twisted story continues, friends, and this show we mercilessly  address several news items, including Alan […]

Feed It Comics #17 – “The Finest Mediocrity”

This episode sees the return of the three senior members of the Order, and because Doc was only firing on half of his available cylinders the show may reflect as much. We talk about Marvel’s new tryst with Netflix, DC moving to Burbank, and we do comic reviews for a good stretch, so ready your […]

Feed It Comics ep.16 – “The Conjuring of Juan Daeho”

A casual inquisition to be certain, but we needed to make it official. That’s right, Juan Daeho’s induction into the Order of Caretakers What better night than Halloween? Halloween is a safe time for mortals. The rituals of tricking and or treating keep the paranormal at bay. Doc Fluxx tends to the ritual chamber dressed […]

Feed It Comics Ep. 15 | “The Inquisition of Johnny Content”

The Order of Caretakers  is represented solely by Doc Fluxx this time around, who transforms briefly into ARCH BISHOP FLUXX so that he may carry out the first of what will be many “Inquisitions”, this time putting the steamy pressure on John from the Burnt Weiners podcast. After an intense series of questions we will settle […]

Feed It Comics ep. 14 | “Four Horseman of the Podcopalypse”

The master needs his menu prepared for the next month so the Order of Caretakers employs the temporary assistance of Josh from Apocalypse Later to present offerings. Let me be clear, this episode is an utter DEBACLE disguised as a good production, but what resulted was more endearingly idiosyncratic than one would hope. So yes, […]

Feed It Comics ep. 12 | “Crotchless Voltron Comicon Spectacular”

Yep yep. It has been a week since Rose City Comicon here in Portland and its high time Brother Oberts and Doc Fluxx give up some juicy details and make Brother Shepherd jealous as all get-out. Also, all three members of the order of caretakers are united to offer a review of Marvel’s Agents of […]

Feed It Comics #11 | Top 10 Villains, So Say We

This episode we conduct a roundtable on our top 10 favorite villains in comics, in honor of DC’s villain’s month. Everybody loves top 10 lists so I presume you will join us! Especially seeing as we have ANOTHER special guest: host of Apocalypse Later and perpetrator of the Rhymes With Geek Podcast Network: Josh Reifler! […]

FEED IT COMICS PRESENTS: Doc’s Diagnosis ep.2

FEED IT COMICS PRESENTS: Doc is back with a whole other stack of comics to rip through, and he recruited a bit of help in the form of’s writer/editor Wesley Messer! Fans of the Geekening podcast of yore should know who I’m talking about.In this episode we talk Batman #23, Trillium #2, FBP #2, […]

Ultimate Facepalm 67: Marvel casting rumours, Edgar Wright: Defender of Man of Steel and Australians and Science don’t mix

NSFW!!!   A very disorganized show (a shock right) and it came out sorta….. a**hole.   The Big Bang Theory is a horrible show Sucker Punch is a horrible movie C Bomb’s High School Counsellorship and his hatred for graffiti   UFP Crew Questions! Favorite foods Marvel Casting Rumours! -          Joseph Gordon Levitt to play Doctor […]

Wayne’s Comics #95 With Gianluca Glazer

This week, the episode focuses on Gianluca Glazer, who helps make this podcast happen by participating on-air and by working with me behind the scenes. Gianluca is an accomplished comics marketing professional, and has his own company called Double G Marketing. I’m airing a previous conversation we had about the industry (including companies using multiple […]

Wayne’s Comics #66 with Phil Hester from Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight and Guarding the Globe

The Wayne’s Comics podcast is now at! This week’s interview is a great one with Phil Hester, accomplished comics writer and artist! He talks about his three-part digital comic for Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight entitled “Slam!” then discusses other projects including Guarding the Globe for Image and Bionic Man for Dynamite! All three […]